World’s 2nd largest rough diamond gains bids up to $30 Million!
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World’s 2nd largest rough diamond gains bids up to $30 Million!

The loose diamond finding of the century on road show before going up for sale this spring

 Have you been wondering what is the next step of the 2nd largest rough diamond? Well the largest loose diamond in the century that is about the size of a tennis ball shall soon go out on a road show before it hits the Sotheby’s auction in spring. In the meantime this large diamond has already been receiving emails of collectors wanting to buy the gemstone, even offers as high as $30 million have been coming in.

The CEO of the company (William Lamb) finding this large gemstone shares in an interview with CBC News that they have partnered up with Sotheby’s to auction off the stone. Targeting a group of ultra-high net worth individuals, dealers and collectors that might be able to pay the price it will command. In addition, Lamb shared his insights and thoughts about what the buyer could do with the rough diamond and it is most likely that collectors will keeps it in its rough form due to the rareness of being this large and having the title largest found diamond of the century. However, the diamond could be cut and polished to possibly increase the value of the diamond.

Read more details about the 2nd largest rough diamond.

Just for a short time it is decided to sell this rough diamond in its rough form instead of first polishing it. The reason to this decision is according to Lamb because of its historical significance. No one in the diamond industry can really say whether it’s more valuable in the polished form or the rough form since it is the first over 1000 carat diamond in this century. Therefore some collectors would like to purchase it in its rough form. See full interview in the video below.

Interview with the CEO of Lucara, the founder of the 2nd largest rough diamond.
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