More people have a hard time finding out which engagement ring fits them
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More people have a hard time finding out which engagement ring fits them

What are the typical diamond shapes & ring settings?

Which engagement ring fitsCongratulations if you are looking around for which engagement ring will fit you or your loved one the most. Having an engagement ring means you will soon have a new milestone in your live. Because in the market there are plenty of engagement rings, the question while searching for the right engagement ring that fits you can be even more challenging. By knowing the typical diamond ring settings, diamond shapes, diamond size and color in mind it may get a bit easier.


Ring settings

Kim Kardashian engagement ringRing settings has a very big influence on the appearance of your engagement ring. Since the appearance of a person is very close involved with personal taste a ring setting can say a lot about a person its personality or preferences. May the person love to wear a solitaire ring, it can mean that the person likes to keep it classy, simple, elegant and traditional. In case of a tree stone ring setting it is definitely true the person likes some bling and making a statement. Pave engagement rings wearers on the other hand have elegancy as most important personality point. Because the pave setting is a classic with a tint of sophisticated flair putting the ring just above simple, which makes a statement with delicacy. But if you love tradition with a little bit of uniqueness your engagement ring will probably have sparkles on the ring band, prong or even side stones. For the modern ones among us there is no exact ring setting since trends in rings are always moving. But if we look at 2015 the modern ones among us will wear a diamond engagement ring mounted with a fancy shaped diamond such as, princess cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, marquise cut or heart cut diamond. However, regarding the ring setting for the modern ones among us the ring will be extravagant since sky is the limit! Thanks to the celebrities which receive engagement rings that sparkles so much or is much larger and beautiful than you could ever come to dream of.


Diamond shape

In diamond shape, color and size we have many options and can express your personal style. Take for example the emerald diamond, it is a shape that is elegant yet fashionable. Therefore many that follow fashion trends will wear this diamond shape. Not saying that all the other shapes are not fashionable, but a princess cut is a more traditional shape, marquise more for drama lovers and cushion for the ones among us that love a romantic look. However, all those fancy shaped diamonds are nowadays seen as modern shapes.

No matter which diamond engagement ring you will be choosing it is your own personal taste, remember that! One person will find an emerald to be followed by fashion lovers others will say it is traditional. These typical diamond shapes and ring settings can only give you an overview what may suit you. Good luck! 


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