Largest & unique pear-shaped pink diamond to go under the hammer!
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Largest & unique pear-shaped pink diamond to go under the hammer!

The Unique Pink is the largest of its diamond shape ever offered at an auction

   The rare and remarkable “The Unique Pink” is soon going to be auctioned by auction house Sotheby’s in Geneva on Magnificent jewels and Noble Jewels sale. This pink colored diamond will be the largest of its diamond shape to be offered at an auction as it weighs 15.38-carat!

largest pink diamond pear shaped
Colored diamonds have been very popular in the diamond industry but due to its rarity the diamond prices are mind blowing. The estimated price for this pear-shaped beauty which got graded a great color from the most appreciated gemological lab called Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is $28-$38 million. The reason for this high diamond price is most of all because colored diamonds are found very rarely in nature and that this one has the highest possible color for pink diamonds, which is Fancy Vivid Pink. But that is not all, it got also assigned the Type IIa rating. This IIa rating is to express that it is the purest of all ratings achievable for the structure of a diamond.

unique pink diamond ring
Sotheby’s Geneva does not sell pink diamonds for the first time. The current world record for a pink diamond that is called “The Graff Pink” has been sold by Sotheby’s Geneva in 2010. It was a 24.78-carat emerald cut fancy intense diamond for $46.2 million. A more recent pink diamond sale was the one called “The Sweet Josephine” that is a fancy vivid cushion of 16.08- carat that got sold for $28.5 million by Christie’s Geneva.

Largest pink diamond pear shaped unique ring
This gemstone is the latest beauty in a string of colored diamonds to attract a multi- million dollar price after the ‘Oppenheimer Blue’ announcement which is estimated to fetch up to $45 million in May.

Pink Diamond Fact
The diamond color of a pink beauty is from a twisting of the carbon lattice within the diamond as it rises to the earth’s surface. This rise allows some red light to be absorbed. Since only 1.5% of all diamonds submitted to the GIA is pink colored it belongs to the rarest of all diamonds.

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