Tremendous amount of diamond carats at Golden Globe 2016
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Tremendous amount of diamond carats at Golden Globe 2016

The diamond necklaces of 156.77-carat stole the show next to the 200 carat Jennifer Lopez rocked

  The Golden Globe of 2016 was an evening where celebrities were seen with dazzling diamond jewelry, only this time the amount of diamond carats was very high. Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence both rocked the red carpet by wearing tremendous amount of diamond carats in eye catching jewelry designs.

Jennifer Lawrence 56.77 carat of diamonds necklace
Young talented actress Jennifer Lawrence, who was nominated for best performance in her comedy Joy stole the show wearing a diamond necklace of 156.77-carat on her red gown. The style of the diamond necklace is called choker/collar which is trending but who is interested in the style name if there is 156.77 carat of diamonds mounted in 18kt white gold to look at? 

Jennifer Lopez 200 carat of diamond jewelry

Jennifer Lopez rare radiant cut yellow diamond ringAfter drooling over the Hunger Games actress her diamond necklace, Jennifer Lopez kept us drooling by wearing a gorgeous yellow dress and “just 200 carat of diamond jewelry!” The total diamond carats of Jennifer Lopez includes a wreath necklace, cascading drop necklace, diamond bracelet, yellow diamond drop earrings and two diamond rings. The wreath necklace of 46.95 carat and cascading drop necklace of 68.40 carat matched each other perfectly and were fully mounted with colorless diamonds. The diamond bracelet was also mounted with colorless diamonds. Taking a closer look of the diamond bracelet, these colorless diamonds in the bracelet were round cut diamonds and marquise cut diamonds that weigh in total 59.27 carats. Then we still miss some diamond carats to hit the 200-carat Jennifer Lopez rocked on the red carpet. The missing diamond carats to hit the 200-carat are: 


  • The yellow diamond earrings with two colorless round cut diamonds that weigh in total 16.46 carats 
  • The rare radiant cut yellow diamond ring 
  • The diamond ring band of 5.21 carats  

While the diamonds do their work on making her appearance sparkle and catch your eye, Jennifer Lopez finishes her outfit with glittering pumps, clutch and red lips.  

Soon more red carpet diamond jewelry news, such as the colored gemstone statement seen in earrings.


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