Top jewelry trends with certified diamonds seen this year
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Top jewelry trends with certified diamonds seen this year

One of a kind diamond jewelry seen in the diamond industry, with many modern linear silhouettes

Top jewelry trends with certified diamondsOutstanding diamond jewelry pieces with certified diamonds is seen this year. This year the diamond jewelry looks are just as strong in uniqueness, or maybe stronger than 2014. Some say most of the diamond jewelry is becoming one of a kind jewelry. Therefore more people want a diamond jewelry piece of their own, so self-design and creations are upcoming. Characteristics of the jewelry this year is rich of special gemstones, regal hues and modern linear silhouettes. Take for example the choker necklaces, stylish necklaces that differ from thick to thin metals. Some of the choker necklaces even had diamonds mounted in the metals.

Open rings and collar necklaces were the other trending jewelry pieces that will be inspiring diamond jewelry this year. Linear lines that open up at the center and is sometimes capped by colored diamonds, colorless diamonds or other gemstones. Another diamond jewelry trend which is very elegant is the entry-price gold and diamond styles. It is for people that do not want to spend too much money.

But if you do want to spend more money the trend which contains colors would drag your attention. The colors purple, pink and red are very appreciated. Not only colored gems are gaining popularity, colored diamonds are sold for record prices at auction houses. Take for example the last historic pink diamond which is a certified diamond and was sold for 15.9 million USD in Geneva.

Other one of a kind diamond jewelry this year:


Y-Necklaces with certified diamondsY-Necklaces
Very widespread trend largely characterised by the metal yellow gold. A Y-Necklace is exactly what it sound like. The necklace comes together and has a drop of metal with sometimes a gemstone at the end. This trend is Ideal for layering since this style does not have to be heavy in metal.



Baguette diamonds necklaceBaguette diamonds
Long time baguette diamonds were the unusual diamonds to wear. Therefore not very popular for diamond wearers. However, the baguette diamonds are making I their way back to popularity. More engagement rings, wedding rings or fashionable thin necklaces include this loose fancy diamond.




Stackable certified diamond rings and braceletsStackable rings and bracelets
Many more stacking rings and bracelets are seen at the fingers these days. Engagement rings that get stacked by a lovely matching wedding ring or eternity rings with engagement rings. There is no limit in stacking rings or bracelets. The stackable bracelets can be with or without diamonds. Stackable rings can be with cushion cut, round cut, princes cut or oval cut.


Modern cluster effects
The cluster effect was already up and running but for the jewelry industry it is quit a new trend. The modern cluster effect means that gemstones cluster together. Diamonds of different shapes, carat size or colors clustered in one ring. Making the end appearance of the diamond jewelry look more unique.

Which trend do you think will inspire the diamond jewelry this coming seasons?



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