The ten most expensive diamond jewelry of 2015
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The ten most expensive diamond jewelry of 2015

2015 was full with colored diamonds & all 10 together results in a total of $214 million USD!

  The year 2015 was just like years before full with expensive diamond jewelry, only this year there were remarkably many colored diamonds at auctions. These colored diamonds broke records and amazed us by their size and very good grading. From the top 10 only one clear diamond made it on the list by being as large as 100 carat!
Let us look back on the 10 most expensive diamond jewelry pieces of 2015 and melt again

• “The blue moon of Josephine” 13.02 Carats $48,468,158

The blue moon of Josephine 13.02 Carats diamond worth $48,468,158
Number one on the list is the diamond the diamond industry and public has been talking about for months, “The blue moon of Josephine”. This the blue diamond graded with the best grading and diamond size that is extremely rare for blue colored diamonds. It was sold at the Sotheby’s auction by property tycoon Joseph Lau- a Hong Kong billionaire who bought it for his daughter. The diamond price Joseph has paid for this blue diamond has set the price per carat for any gemstone to an incredible level.


• Red Ruby and diamond ring 25.59 Carats $30,335,698

From intense blue we head to intense red with this enormous red ruby with 2.47 and 2.70-carat colorless diamonds on the side. The ruby fetched for first time in colored stones history more than 1 million per carat. While the total price is very high and it set a new record, the buyer of the red ruby and diamond ring is only listed as “a lady”.

• “The Sweet Josephine” 16.08 Carats diamond $28,523,925

“The Sweet Josephine”	16.08 Carats diamondThe same buyer of the number one also bought this 16.08 carat pink diamond for his 7 year old daughter and also named it after her.

• The Emerald Cut diamond 100.20 Carats $22,090,000

“The Crimson Flame”	15.04 Carats
The only colorless diamond in the list makes the 2 or 3 carat rings we all adore look small. Because this emerald cut diamond is a perfect 100 carat!

• “The Crimson Flame” 15.04 Carats $18,372,913

“The Crimson Flame”	15.04 Carats
A red ruby like the Crimson Flame diamond ring is hard to find. This color is so red it is even poetically referred as “pigeon blood red”. The ruby is surrounded with colorless diamonds accentuating the red color even more.

• “The Historic Pink” 8,72 Carats $15,903,422

“The Historic Pink” 8,72 Carats
A royal diamond ring is always a unique piece at an auction especially if it has been a part of a magnificent collection. This diamond ring has been a part of the collection of Princess Mathilde de Bonaparte, a niece of Napoleon. This diamond ring has been in the bank vault since 1940!

• Purple Pink diamond Ring 8.24 Carats $13,866,553

Purple Pink diamond Ring	8.24 Carats
This diamond ring is mounted with pear shaped diamonds, two on the shoulders of the ring and one in the center. The one in the center of the diamond ring is a purple pink diamond which explains how this ring has earned the title “second-most expensive lot on the Sotheby’s November sale”.

• Ruby and Diamond Necklace 120.74 Carats $13,006,656

Ruby and Diamond NecklaceWho would not like to wear this elegant but fabulous diamond necklace with red rubies and diamonds? Nobody, right? This necklace with 48 red rubies has a total carat weight of 120.74 carats including the pear shaped diamonds and round shape diamonds in between. By only glancing at the necklace you know that it is a masterpiece, which becomes only more beautiful if you take a closer look.

• Pink diamond ring 9.07 Carats $12,643,776

Pink diamond ring 9.07 Carats
Another pink diamond in this list, only this time the pink diamond is accompanied by triangular shaped diamonds, which makes the color of the center stone burst out even more. With or without the flanked colorless diamonds this pink diamond is graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as fancy intense pink and designated as the most purest diamonds of the world.

• Rectangular cut diamond ring 5.18 Carats $10,709,

The Victory Diamond Highest Price Per Carat Record
This eye catching beauty is the last one in the list of most expensive diamond jewelry of 2015. The diamond ring has a colored diamond, which is mounted in gold and surrounded by colorless oval diamonds. These oval diamonds are around .59 and .50 carats. The surrounding ovals are looking great around the rectangular cut diamond but everyone of us would be happy to own one, since each of these beauties are graded “internally flawless”.

What kind of diamond jewelry will 2016 bring us? We cannot wait to meet those beauties, but for now we will just dream of these 10...

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