Stunning stamp size pink diamond up for auction
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Stunning stamp size pink diamond up for auction

Christie’s is going to set record for extraordinary pink diamond ring with estimated value of $ 23-28 million USD

After the amazement of the blue diamond called ‘Blue Moon’ a stamp size pink diamond is up for auction coming November 10. Christie’s auction house is most probably going to set a record with this pink diamond ring, which contains a very rare 16.08 carat pink diamond. This will be the largest pink diamond of its kind that is going to be auctioned according to Christie's. Only three pure vivid pink diamonds, which were over 10 carat, have appeared for sale. The auction house Christie’s is going to offer the 16.08-carat pink diamond at its Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva. Already the people are speculating the pink diamond can fetch up to 28 million USD.

Rare Stamp Size Pink DiamondThe pink diamond has the size of a postage stamp and besides the amazing 16.08 carats, graded as fancy vivid pink by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which means the pink color is very intense with the purest and strongest saturation. The color of this pink diamond is according to the head of Christie’s jewelry department perfect since there is no trace of any secondary color, which could be purple, orange brown, or grey in lower graded pink diamonds, resulting in a very exceptional rare pink diamond. Colored diamonds with a single color are more valuable and rarer than mixed colored diamonds. The pink diamond is cut into a cushion cut shape and mounted platinum ring. The center stone is surrounded with a double row of colorless diamonds, which highlights the pink color of the diamond. Furthermore it has a third row of small pink diamonds underneath. In addition, the platinum ring band of the pink diamond ring consists of small circular cut colorless diamonds. Thus as auction house Christie’s says, a delight for both the serious diamond connoisseur and those seeking a stand- out addition to their jewelry collection.

For investors and collectors this beautiful pink diamond ring can be a very beautiful piece of investment. Rahul Kadakia Christie’s International head of jewelry shares ‘it is both beautiful and can appreciate considerably in value over a relative short period of time’.

Before this pink diamond ring is going to its new owner it will do a multi city tour over the world. Starting in Hong Kong (October 2 to 4) followed by New York (October 16-19) and lastly London (October 26-27). After the trip it goes to the place of auction Geneva where curious diamond lovers can view it on November 6-10.

The former owner as Christie's described it is a U.S. client who purchased this beauty around 10 years ago, for investment purpose. The winning bidder coming November 10 will in addition get the naming rights for this pink diamond. If it were you, how would you call this pink beauty?



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