Sotheby’s diamond jewelry sales presents new records in 2014
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Sotheby’s diamond jewelry sales presents new records in 2014

Loose diamonds & Jewelry are one of the reasons why sales reached record value of 602.5 million USD

Fancy vivid blue diamondThe famous jewelry and loose diamonds auction house Sotheby’s had a very good 2014 as they broke many records for auction houses. In 2014, Sotheby’s sold about 3900 diamond jewelry pieces of which 77 jewels were above 1 million USD. In addition, 69 percent of all the jewels were sold for a price that was much higher than expected. Take for example the extremely rare fancy intense blue diamond called The Zoe diamond. This Zoe Diamond is cut into a pear shape and just under 10 carat (9.75). This Blue diamond has set a world record price for gemstones. The blue pear shaped diamond was bought by a mysterious Hong Kong collector for more than 32 million US dollars.

More and more colored diamonds are sold in the diamond industry since it became very popular. Therefore Sotheby’s jewelry sales consisted of many colorful diamonds like, pink color, blue color or yellow color. Even the GIA in Tokyo and Hong Kong are starting to provide more service for colored diamonds. Another colored diamond that is sold by Sotheby’s is the famous, Vivid Yellow diamond called “Graff Vivid Yellow”. An approximate 100 carat diamond with an intense yellow color that is sold for 16.3 million US dollar. This price is one of the highest prices for any yellow colored diamond to date. Next to all the colored diamonds that were sold for a higher price than estimated, the colorless diamonds. However, Sotheby’s sales for jewelry also contained high quality rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Furthermore, Sotheby’s sees a high demand for natural pearls and saltwater pears that were harvested a century ago. That is why a beautiful historic natural pearl-diamond necklace was sold for 3 million US dollar. The necklace contains pearls and diamonds. The diamonds in the pearl necklace are above the pearl drops and in the clasp. The clasp is a rose colored cushion shape diamond, giving the necklace a royal and luxurious appearance. Therefore the price was much more that estimated, at least eight times more. Thus, Sotheby did not only break auctions houses sales record in 2014, they broke many more records.

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