Sotheby’s HK Spring Auction is lead by a 77.77 carat yellow diamond
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Sotheby’s HK Spring Auction is lead by a 77.77 carat yellow diamond

Beautiful jewels, diamonds and jadeite are stealing the show in Hong Kong on April 6

77 carat diamondOne of the biggest auction houses Sotheby’s is holding an auction in the early spring time and leads it with a joyful yellow diamond. From all the diamonds that are on the auction this amazing energetic and joyful colored diamond is leading the Hong Kong spring auction. The leading diamond is a 77.77 carat, VS2, fancy vivid yellow diamond that is estimated between 6.8 and 7.5 million US dollar. Not only are yellow diamonds very rare, this impressive size and intensity definitely not found in nature often.

Lady Luck Impressive 77.77 carat yellow vivid diamondThis yellow diamond mounted in a diamond ring will not be the first yellow diamond that is going to set auction world records at Sotheby’s. In the past, Sotheby’s auctions have set world records twice selling yellow diamonds. One of these record setting yellow diamonds is the vivid yellow diamond that was sold for 16.3 million US dollars in 2014. But next to this leading yellow diamond, there are more diamonds that are show stealing. Take for example the internally flawless 23.15 carat diamond that has the top color D. If this diamond size and characteristics is not enough, the diamond is mounted in a matching ring. Diamonds like this often get a name and this 23.15 carat diamond is named The Legend of Golconda and is estimated between 4.3 and 5 million US dollar. Or perhaps the internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond of 4.57 –carat is more to your liking.

But next to these rare diamonds there will also be around 320 lots that exist of rare colorless and colored diamonds, signed jewels from the 1930s and gemstones. Thus, it is expected to be a very exciting auction that will occurr coming April 6 in Hong Kong. The expected sales that will be achieved in this auction are estimated to reach a combined total of 99 million US dollar.

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