Stunning diamond jewelry, Sotheby Auction in Australia at August 31
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Stunning diamond jewelry on coming Sotheby Auction in Australia at August 31

246 incredible lots are going to be auction, such as the natural fancy yellow round cut diamond

Yuan devaluation influences diamond pricesComing August 31, a lot of spectacular diamond jewelry will be shown at the Sotheby’s auction in Australia. Altogether there are 246 incredible lots that are going to be auctioned, among them a fancy yellow round cut diamond. The auction has all different kind of lots variation from pearls to emerald, watches to diamonds. The auction is named sale of important jewels due to the distinguished variety not only in products but also in style such as vintage to modern.


Diamond rings and diamond necklaces in Auction Australia
The sparkling diamonds are one of the main highlights in the sale with the natural colored fancy yellow round brilliant cut diamond as major lot. The fancy yellow round cut diamond is set in a claw set ring of 14 carat gold and weighs 10.94 carat. The ring has a breathtaking appearance due to the perfect match of the 14 carat gold and the fancy intense yellow color of the diamond. The yellow round cut diamond is estimated to be sold for 220.000 – 280.000 US dollar.  Another natural fancy vivid yellow diamond in a ring will be auctioned but that diamond price is estimated lower than the 10.94 carat, at 50.000- 70.000 US dollar. Since these are just estimations it is possible that the prices are going to be overbid. Because colored diamonds are getting more and more rare and the demand is very high while the supply is very low.

Diamond jewelry necklace, diamond rings in Auction Australia
Next to the colored diamonds the auction is also auctioning colorless diamonds such as the white diamond platinum ring with emerald cut diamonds weighing 2.40 carat. Or the 18 carat white golden ring mounted with a 4.74 carat round cut diamond. Many spectacular diamond jewelry pieces this coming August 31. Which lot do you prefer most?


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