Rare pink diamonds at Sotheby’s auction Australia
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Rare pink diamonds at Sotheby’s auction Australia

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Very Rare Pink DiamondHave you ever touched or seen a pink diamond? If not, that is not very strange since pink diamonds are very rare to find in nature. From the 10.000 diamonds that are found in nature just one will be a colored diamond. Most of the time colored diamonds don’t come in higher carats due to the unique color formation. Therefore, the auction on May 12 in Melbourne is attracting much attention since Sotheby’s is preparing to sell at least 2 pink diamonds. One pink diamond is a very fancy vivid diamond, which means that the color is very intense and you can see clearly the pink color is distributed well through the body of the diamond. In addition, the hue is strongly pink instead of faint. The natural rare vivid pink diamond is 1.03 carat and cut into a marquise diamond shape. Which is a slender diamond cut that looks striking and flatters your fingers due to the elongated shape. The 1.03 carat pink diamond that is preparing to be auctioned is set into an 18 carat golden ring what is estimated to sell for 330.000 up to 530.000 US dollar.

Rare Pink Diamond at sotheby's auction AustraliaAnother pink diamond that is present at the May auction of Sotheby’s in Australia is the fancy vivid pink diamond which has been in collection of princess Mathilde, niece of Napoleon I. This historical pink diamond is graded by world's most appreciated diamond grading lab, GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The pink diamond which weighs 8.72 carat is graded VS2 with a mesmerizing color. Very unusual large size for a colored diamond which pushes the estimated price up to 14 to 18 million US dollar. Because looking back to last October, it is possible to gain this high price for a pink colored 8 carat diamond. Last October Sotheby’s achieved for the 8.41 carat fancy vivid purplish-pink diamond a price of 17.8 million US dollar. What prices shall these pink diamonds achieve this time?


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