Very rare Argyle pink diamond first time publicly up for sale
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Very rare Argyle pink diamond first time publicly up for sale

This pink colored diamond belongs to the best pink diamonds of the industry

Argyle Pink diamond for saleIn the diamond industry pink diamonds are very desired, often set in diamond rings or diamond necklaces. Each year there are pink colored diamonds sold from a very specific mine but it is quite hard to purchase this colored diamond since it goes through a very private tender process. Even the diamond prices for these precious pink diamonds are not published. However, recently on a regular Tuesday evening in Melbourne the first rare Argyle pink diamond of the Argyle mine was auctioned publicly.

The rare pink diamond was only a 1.17 carat round pink diamond but it gained a lot of attention. Because the mine where this colored beauty comes from produces less than 0.1% of pink diamonds of the total amount that is sourced annually. This may sound like a very low percentage, however this mine produces so much that the 0.1% pink of this mine is 95% of the worldwide pink diamond supply! But since the statistics show that the mine had its peak, the diamonds are getting more expensive. Rumors in the diamond industry say that the prices of the Argyle pink diamonds are going up each year with at least 20%.

The pink diamond has very fancy vivid color, which means the color pink is not faint but very strongly present. For a diamond like this, potential buyers can have different kind of perspectives to buy. Some of the people would buy this very rare Argyle pink diamond to have it as a different asset in their investment next to maybe their shares of gold. Another different perspective to buy this diamond which is multi purposed is to buy it for a jewel such as a diamond engagement ring. To wear and enjoy the diamond but at the same time have it as an investment.

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