A queen’s diamond & sapphire brooch is up for sale!
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A queen’s diamond & sapphire brooch is up for sale!

Royal princess Margaret owned the spectacular diamond brooch since 1948 until she passed away aged 71

 Very soon you are able to purchase the former queen’s diamond and sapphire brooch at the auction. Princess Margaret owned this diamond and sapphire brooch since 1948 when she was only 18 years old until her death in 2002 when her age was 71. Experts in the market expect the brooch to fetch up to 20.000 pound.

Diamonds adn Sapphire Brooch Jewelry

The brooch is an early Art Deco pave-set diamond bow, which is decorated with openwork sapphire, diamond wheel motifs and caliber cut sapphire details. In addition, the 2 inches wide brooch that was made in 1920 is made from platinum and gold. While the brooch itself is already an exquisite jewelry piece, the fact that it belonged to a princes quadrupled the total value.

Diamond Brooch

The first time the public saw Margaret wearing the brooch was at the age of 18, when she was a member of the New Zealand Women’s Association in London. Margaret was a royal member that was well known for her passion for jewelry and amassed in her time quite a collection. Therefore the brooch is just one of the 800 already sold jewelry pieces in 2006 to its currents owner and now being auctioned. All the jewelry Margaret owned had a small inscription on the back “M”, with her coronet on top of it. While there has been an extensive research to the brooch’s origin or the who was the one to give her the brooch, the question is still unanswered to the experts. Even when the experts founded similar ones and knew for almost 100% certain that the brooch is French, the maker was never found.

But, wherever it has been made, the brooch is amazing, unique and most of all a true royal jewelry piece.

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