The Queen Maria-Jose Ruby diamond ring at Sotheby’s
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The Queen Maria-Jose Ruby diamond ring at Sotheby’s

The over 8 carat pigeon blood Burmese ruby estimated 6 to 9 million USD!

The Queen Maria-Jose Ruby diamond ringIn Geneva we will soon see another stunning and historical diamond jewelry because the ruby diamond ring of Queen Maria-José is for auction. This time it will be an 8 carat ring from a former personal collection which is from the last Queen of Italy, named Maria- José, who died in 2001. The ring its appearance is truly eye-catching due to the very deeply colored red ruby of 8.48 carat and the coloreless diamonds around it. This ruby and diamond ring is in the pre sale already estimated for a price of 6 – 9 million USD.

The Queen Maria- José Ruby diamond ring is certified by the Swiss Gemological Institute (SSEF). The SSEF certified the over 8 carat ring from Burmese origin and has no trace of any heat treatment. This makes the ruby diamond ring even more rare since the intense red color is natural. Not only the color of the ruby makes the ring rare but also the unique workmanship and well- documented historic provenance makes it rare.

This ruby diamond ring will most probably break record. That will mean that Sotheby’s auction house will break the record again. In just 12 months auction house Sotheby Geneva has broken two times the world auction record for a ruby, not even mentioning diamonds. The other two rubies that have broken world records are the “Sunrise Ruby” and “ Graff Ruby”. The “Sunrise Ruby” is 25.59 carat, from the Burmese and sold for 30.3 million USD. Three times the amount of previous record holder. Next to breaking world auction record for ruby, the “Sunrise Ruby” broke record for price per carat. Resulting in the first non-diamond to sell for more than 1 million USD per carat, since the price per carat for the ruby was 1.185,451 USD. The other breaking record ruby called “Graff Ruby” was sold in 2014 for 8.6 million breaking just like the Sunrise Ruby the record price per carat.

Curious what record-breaking number the Ruby diamond ring will reach? Just have a bit more patience until November 11, 2015 Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels, then we will know.



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