Provenance diamond jewelry at Sotheby’s fall auction
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Provenance diamond jewelry at Sotheby’s fall auction

Sotheby’s fall auction in NYC is the first to auction for important jewels season containing exceptional diamonds!

Loose blue diamond fancy colored rare big sizeLast September 24 and September 25 Sotheby’s is kicking off the important jewels season with notable provenance diamond jewelry. The auction was held in New York City and contained very exceptional diamonds but also emeralds. The public could already view the items since September 19th.

Rare emerald earrings jewelryThe Sotheby’s jewelry auction contained diamond jewelry from all kinds of high brand collections. Take for example this pair of Platinum ear clips containing eye-catching Colombian green emeralds and colorless diamonds. The colorless diamonds are put together in a flowery shape consisting of several marquise shape diamonds. The emeralds in the ear clips weigh 12.16 and 10.18 carats. This beautiful platinum pair was estimated to have a diamond jewelry price of 650.000 to 750.000 USD. Another diamond jewelry piece among the items of the auction was the estimated 1.3 to 1.6 million USD platinum diamond ring with a cushion cut diamond of 10.19 carats. The cushion cut diamond is graded with the highest diamond color, D color and is internally flawless meaning no inclusions or blemishes. In addition is this 10.19-carat diamond a type IIA.

Besides these two examples there are many more exceptional diamonds and gemstones auctioned. To see the whole catalog of the auction, see official website of Sotheby’s.



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