A diamond engagement ring in Hong Kong reached 400.000 HKD
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A proposal with stunning diamond engagement ring and more in Hong Kong reached 400.000 HKD

Find out this very unique way of proposing your engagement ring to the one you love

Proposal stunning engagement ringHong Kong is a very dynamic place in the world with an impressive skyline where a diamond engagement ring proposal of 400.000 HKD makes the image of the city complete. However, not only the engagement ring was a stunning eye-catcher, the helicopter with large banner stating “I love you! Stephanie BB, will you marry me?” did a very good job to impress us and most of all the lucky lady.

Victor Tang prepared a memorable proposal by hiring a helicopter, sky-high suite corner in the Ritz Carlton, flowers, TV crew and a breathtaking round diamond engagement ring. The diamond engagement ring Victor held up while being on one knee is a 1.5- carat round shape which costs more than 200.000 HKD. Which must have been a very high color and clarity diamond. But if the diamond ring cost 200.000 HKD? How can Victor Tang reach the 400.000 HKD with his proposal? Well, the corner higher than the 100 floor in the Ritz-Carlton viewing over the Victora Harbor cost him 26.000 HKD. Adding up the 150.000 HKD for the helicopter flight that flew past the suite at the confirmed time showing a banner that was comparable with the size of a basketball court (15 meters tall and 30 meters long). Impressive proposal right?

But that is not all, Victor made sure his loved one can watch the whole memorable proposal since he hired a video crew to capture everything. It captured the lovely “yes” Stephanie gave to Victor and all the extra effort Victor has put into this proposal which he prepared months before. He made the proposal extraordinary since Stephanie does not like those typical proposals and wanted one proposal that she will never forget…


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