The Pink Promise Diamond auction in Hong Kong
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The “Pink Promise” Diamond set to Auction in Hong Kong

Christie’s to sell the most expensive diamond jewel it has ever offered

   Upcoming Christie’s auction on November 28 in Hong Kong features an enormous oval-shaped pink diamond called, Pink Promise. The mind blowing pink diamond is so valuable according to Fung Chiang of Christie’s due to the rarity of pink diamonds, making this diamond because of its color and clarity the most expensive diamond jewel ever offered by Christie’s.

The Pink Promise Diamond

The “Pink Promise” is a 14.93 carat Type IIa fancy vivid pink diamond of VVS1 clarity. Experts are expecting to garner between $28 million and $42 million. The pink gem set in a diamond studded ring.

The Pink Promise Diamond Ring


Every year the diamond production is talking about mining about less than 2% diamonds with color. Keeping in mind that not every found colored diamond has fancy vivid - beautiful color.

Besides the lead lot “Pink Promise” 290 other lots will be going under the hammer. From colored diamonds to gemstones and jadeites. Take for example these highlights:
• A Type IIa pink diamond of 8.80 carat VVS1 clarity, could sell for as much as $12 million
• A Burmese ruby ring with a 8.17 carat center gem, could sell between 5.8 million and $8 million

Ruby diamond ring
• A jadeite beads necklace of high quality, could sell up to $10 million
• A jadeite pendant with a pre-sale estimate of $3.5 million and $4.8 million

Jadeite Jewelry

• A 28.04 carat Sri Lankan Padparadscha sapphire and diamond ring, could sell at a range of $2 million to $3.2 million


What diamond price do you think the “Pink Promise” will fetch?

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