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New record for Christie’s diamond jewelry auction in Asia

A 120 carat necklace with red rubies and colorless diamonds is sold for extreme amount of money

120 carat necklace with red rubies and colorless diamondsLast Tuesday June 2 Christie’s Hong Kong magnificent jewelry sale sold many impressive diamond jewelry pieces. The auction that was held in Asia set a new record for three pieces of jewelry of which one was a breathtaking necklace mixed with colorless diamonds and red rubies. The necklace which contains smaller and larger colorless diamonds was sold for 13 million USD. Around 2 million USD more than Christie's auction house has estimated (estimated between 7 to 11 million). The 13 million USD price sets world auction record for any ruby necklace to a much higher bar.

Red rubies and colorless diamondsThe necklace contained colorless diamonds in the shapes round and pear. The pear shaped diamonds were framed in between two rows of red rubies. Auction house Christie's describes the design of this magnificent necklace a brilliant cut diamond lattice-work. Even the shackle of the necklace was filled with loose colorless diamonds. The “pigeon blood” rubies in the necklace ranged from 7.02 carat to 1.10 carat shaped as oval and cushion. In addition, the diamond necklace is made from 18-karat white gold.

Overall, the Christie's auction in Hong Kong had a total of nearly 117.9 million USD. Which is a total number so high for a jewelry auction in Asia that it is now the most valuable jewelry auction of all time in the Asian market.


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