New panel to protect natural diamonds
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Launch of new panel to protect natural diamonds

Creating a separate footprint for natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds

   Last week a number of organizations formed a committee to protect the natural diamonds against synthetic diamonds. The set up aims to have separate footprints for both gems as synthetic diamonds are not the same as natural.

Praveenshankar Pandya, the chairman of India’s Gem and Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) shared this news last Friday. Emphasizing the fact that the new panel is not against the upcoming of synthetic diamonds but that it is joining the power to avoid fraudulent activities of synthetics mixed with naturals and negative marketing of synthetic sellers against natural diamonds. “We won’t allow synthetics to piggy back on the natural diamond trade’s success” Pandya said. Followed by saying that the new panel joins forces to protect natural diamonds of mixing and that synthetics have to go through the pains of growing its own market and if they do that he will support it but lab grown diamonds do not need to do that at the expense of natural diamonds.

Praveenshankar Pandya
The new panel will leverage all possible measures to ensure detection and segregation of natural and synthetic diamonds at every stage of the value chain. This means from rough to being a finished piece of jewelry.
Eradicating illicit mixing of handmade diamonds with natural diamonds is one of the primary work tasks. To make this task happen creating detection machines that can be used at every level for an affordable price is key. In addition, standardizing a language in the industry around synthetic diamonds is helpful.

The new panel is not bound to one country as associations from Belgium, the US, Hong Kong, Israel, China and more participate. At the Jewellery and Gem Fair this September in Hong Kong the panel will meet for the first time.

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