Most Expensive Jewel ever Auctioned: The Oppenheimer Blue
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Most Expensive Jewel ever Auctioned: The Oppenheimer Blue

The 14.62-carat rare blue diamond sells for historic diamond price of $57.5 Million!

    The whole diamond industry was excited for the sale of the 14.62-carat “Oppenheimer Blue”. This extremely rare diamond which is the largest fancy vivid blue diamond ever offered at an auction has set a world auction record yesterday by fetching a historic diamond price of $57.5 million! This diamond price includes commissions and fees.

Oppenheimer Expensive Blue Diamond Price Sold

The blue rectangular-shaped diamond was already a hot topic in the industry before it got sold and was estimated by experts to get the high diamond price of $46.1 million. While the market record was recently broken in November by the 12.03-carat “Blue Moon of Josephine” ($48.4 million) the Oppenheimer easily topped it with the final price of $51.3 million. Head of Christie’s New York jewelry department Rahul Kadakia led the biddings, which started at 30-million Swiss Frances. The bidding contained long silent pauses and nervous laughter while 200,000 Swiss France were added one by one to the biddings. Whenever the bidding price reached the next million dollar milestone the audience applaused as was seen the live stream.

The Oppenheimer Blue is set into a platinum diamond ring flanked on either sides by trapeze shaped diamonds. While originally the Oppenheimer, which got its name from the late Sir Philip Oppenheimer who long oversaw De Beers Mining, had given the stone to his wife was set in the Verdura “Eight Blades” mounting.

Oppenheimer Expensive Blue Diamond Ring
In Geneva the salesroom was totally packed and broke into applause as Rahul Kadakia brought down the hammer after a 20-minute battle was settled between two phone bidders.

The identity of the buyer of Oppenheimer blue was not immediately known. Stay tuned for more updates of this sale when available.

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