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Christie’s preparing for sale of largest fancy vivid green diamond

The “Aurora Green” of 5.03-carat is very valuable and estimated to reach $3.18 - $3.98 million per diamond carat!

   The “Aurora Green” of 5.03-carat is very valuable and estimated to reach $3.18 - $3.98 million per diamond carat!
After the amazing blue diamonds at the auctions, Christie’s in Hong Kong will be presenting the largest fancy vivid green diamond for auction at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction. The rare natural green diamond is the largest by its kind and already estimated by an insider to reach $3.18 - $3.98 million per diamond carat, while Christie’s has not officially released any information about the sale yet.

largest vivid green diamond
The exceptional green diamond is graded fancy vivid green, which is the most desirable color grading a colored diamond can get. In addition, the “Aurora Green” which is cut in a radiant-cut has the clarity of VS2 and no fluorescence. Because the color green is very desirable in Asia it is possible that, like previous auctions of colored diamonds, the highest bidder will come from Asia.

Green diamonds have come up at auctions very rarely and the last fancy vivid green diamond sold was all the way back in 2003. The record price holder for green diamonds is the 2.54-carat fancy vivid green of clarity VS1 that was sold on the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction in November in 2009.
When Christie’s shares more information about this large vivid green diamond we will update you for sure!

UPDATE: Christie's has now officially unveiled their sale of the Aurora green. The 5.03- carat Fancy Vivid Green diamond is set in a pink diamond halo ring setting. It is assumed that collectors will purchase this beauty for its unique color and its rare position in the world. Because this green diamond is just the only one of its kind of earth, which gives it a certain level of prestige.

Aurora green diamond ring

Christie once again did not by coincidence pick Hong Kong Auction base to offer the diamond. Chinese symbolizes the color green with growing, claiming ,healing, striving and other meanings. While on the other hand, wearing a green hat means you have an unfaithful wife.  But it is a diamond not a hat and the auction is in Hong Kong so it is safe to say that most likely, an Asian buyer will purchase this rare piece.


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