The largest colorless diamond in more than a century unearthed!
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The largest colorless diamond in more than a century unearthed!

This shocking 1,111-carat rough diamond is second largest diamond in size

Biggest second diamond of the worl 1,111 caratAgain we are amazed by the work of Mother Nature, which created an extremely large colorless diamond. This colorless diamond, which has been found in Botswana, is a shocking size of 1,111-carat rough diamond. This 1,111-carat rough diamond is the second largest rough diamond ever found and is just a bit smaller than a tennis ball.
Well it is not the largest diamond ever found but it is the largest diamond discovery in more than a century. Machines in a mine called Karowe in Botswana at the south lobe have unearthed the rough diamond.

The value of the rough diamond depends on the left over size and quality after it is polished and cut. But before we know what the outcome and price of this large rough diamond will be it could be many years later. The place where the rough diamond will be cut is still unknown but Antwerp and New York are the leading cutting centers for exceptional gemstones. However, it is possible to estimate the value of the rough diamond by putting it in a specialized scanner. William Lamb, the chief executive officer of the company, which unearthed the diamond, says “We need to see how best we can actually get maximum value for the stone”. In addition, Lamb is sharing that it is unlikely that the stone will be sold this year. The rough diamond is too large to fit in their own special diamond scanner and therefore needs to be taken to Antwerp where there is a larger scanner.

Top Five Largest Diamonds in the World

Uncut stone

Weight, in carats

Country of discovery

Year of discovery




South Africa



Karowe AK6







South Africa



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Sierra Leone








Source table. The Wall Street Journal “World’s Second-Largest Diamond Discovered in Botswana “

So we need to have patience to find out what the outcome of this 1,111-carat colorless diamond will be. Will it be one large diamond or maybe 26 flawless diamonds including a 70 carat princess cut diamond? Time will tell, what would you do if you had the chance to decide the outcome of this shocking large rough diamond?


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