Jewelry is main driver for diamond & gemstone industry
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Trends and opportunities: Jewelry is main driver for diamond & gemstone industry

Interesting insight regarding rough diamond production and diamond jewelry industry

Loose diamond supply and demandRecently a new report announced insight trends and opportunities regarding the global diamond and gemstone market. It provides a good overview of rough diamond production and the diamond jewelry industry. The global diamond industry and gemstone market has made changes and obvious growth. This growth is mainly caused by increasing disposable income and rising middle class population according to the report.

But the main driver of the diamond and gemstone industry is truly the jewelry. On every red carpet there are celebrities wearing dazzling diamond jewelry with carat sizes ranging from for example 3 carat up to 100 carat. However, not only the red carpet is increasing the demand for jewelry with diamonds. Even when the global economic growth is weak, the demand for diamonds is growing very positively and will grow positively in the next few years. The report describes that the demand for diamonds is expected to outstrip the global supply of diamonds because a lot of the major discoveries and existing mines are having a slowdown in supply. This cause and effect can make diamonds very expensive in the future, therefore investing in diamonds is becoming much more popular. Buying diamonds online is also becoming more popular in the diamond and gemstone industry. On the internet you can find most of the retail stores and diamond wholesale sources that offer loose diamonds for a better price. Buying online, it is strongly recommended to find a trustable source and diamonds with a GIA certificate. This certificate can ensure you the most important aspects of the diamond and puts you in a good position if you want to sell it in the future. Since you will not have a discussion about the characteristics such as clarity, cut, color and carat.

The US is still the largest market for gems and diamond jewelry, followed by China where popular diamond cuts are especially round shape, emerald shape, cushion shape and oval shape. Most of those shiny diamonds in the industry come from India. Thus, with this rapid growth of demand and opportunities in the diamond industry the diamond industry gets more challenges such as: rise of operational cost, diminishing of reserves, environmental risks and the over-production of synthetic diamonds to serve the demand. Which challenge do you find more concerning?

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