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Investing in Fancy red diamonds: over the past decade diamond prices have tripled

Red diamonds as a valuable investment

9 Carat Pear Shaped DiamondsThe demand for red diamonds among diamond investors is surging significantly as the diamond prices for red color diamonds continues to increase. Fancy red diamonds are one of the rarest color diamonds, and prices have more than tripled in value of the past decade according to rare mineral investment advisory DeVanx Assets.

Rio Tinto’s annual Agryle tender is one of the most anticipated red diamond events, which is where the global bidding for a red 1.2 carat diamond and 3 other red diamonds is taking place. According to diamond experts, high quality red diamonds that are investment worthy can fetch up to $2.5 million per carat. In the last 30 years, only 13 fancy red diamonds have been included in the annual diamond tender. GIA Master Gemologist, Doris Hangartner, says that only 126 investment grade fancy red diamonds exist in the world today.

“While beautiful and precious, not all fancy red diamonds are of investment quality. The highest quality red diamonds offer stable value appreciation and low volatility, and are therefore an excellent inflation hedge and substitute for gold and other precious metals,” that’s according to the DeVanx Assets company.

To get highest gain on your diamond investment, you should look for diamonds available at wholesale prices. Buying from the wholesale diamond market you exclude middlemen from the purchasing process and save considerably off retail margins which can often push prices by 50%. This effectively means that you will gain more once you are ready to sell your diamond. To find the wholesale prices for fancy red diamonds, fill in the free quote form to receive a price quote from our loose diamonds and jewelry experts. 

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