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Interest for investing in pink diamonds is increasing rapidly

Loose diamonds becoming favored treasure asset

Pink diamond as an investmentAcross the world, people are investing vast capital into rare color diamonds as a safe investment asset. It’s a very popular alternative investment because it is tangible and moveable. Plus, say you buy pink color diamonds for engagement rings, you can even wear it allowing you to also enjoy your investment. Particularly, pink diamonds have increased tremendously in value over the past few years. The price per carat of pink diamonds stood at $13,000, while this year it reached an amazing $78,000. The value of fancy pink diamonds has increased nearly 20 percent year after year.

The 24.7 carat pink diamond was sold by Sotheby’s for $47 million in November 2010, which set the world record for any diamond, both colorless diamonds and fancy diamonds. The Argyle mine in Australia produces a large number of pink diamonds on a yearly basis. After announcing the pink diamonds producing mine would close in 2019, the diamond prices for pink diamonds have surged significantly.
According to the latest report on investment trends by Barclay’s Wealth, nearly 26 percent of the bank’s wealthiest clients in the UK are in more possession of treasure assets compared to five years ago. 70% of global respondents invest in precious jewelry as the most popular treasure asset type for wealthy individuals across the world. There is only one colored diamond in every 10.000 colorless diamonds retrieved from the mines. That is why fancy color engagement rings such as yellow diamond engagement rings are an up and coming trend in Hollywood.

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