Consumer interest in black diamond engagement rings
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Consumer research reveals increasing interest in black diamond engagement rings

Contemporary diamond engagement rings for the modern couple

Gold engagement ring with a black diamondRecent findings through a consumer case study, has revealed trends in diamond buying and diamond jewelry amongst US consumers. A key insight interestingly revealed that a lot of people are open to experimenting with their diamond engagement rings for this upcoming Christmas season with black diamond engagement rings and other original unique diamond ring designs such as vintage jewelry designs. According to the research, there is a definite shift in the focus from colorless loose diamonds to black diamonds as couples are looking for diamond jewelry that shows their unique personality.

Couples are looking for ways to express their love and commitment in novel and creative ways. While the white bridal dress usually remains the same, couples are experimenting with venues, décor themes and diamond engagement rings. Key trends in diamond engagement rings are fancy shapes such as princess cut and cushion cut diamonds, fancy colored diamonds such as black and yellow diamonds, and ring designs such as vintage and antique engagement rings. With diamond information sources increasing online, many more consumers are educating themselves on diamonds to discover the art of buying diamonds the smart way by sourcing loose diamonds and buying through wholesale diamond avenues. A strategy that can easily save 50 – 70% off retail prices, still far below any Christmas sales special.

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