Huge Pink Diamond
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Huge Pink Diamond Unearthed by Gem Giant

This colored diamond is expected to be Alrosa’s most expensive finding

   Recently gem giant Alrosa shared that they have unearthed a pink diamond with a large carat size. This colored diamond is the largest pink diamond found in its company’s history and could even be the most expensive gem ever found by this Russian miner.


Huge Pink Diamond

The rough pink diamond found is 27.85-carat, with almost no inclusions. This stone is much larger than Alrosa’s previously found pink diamond of 3.86-carats. The rough diamond is according to last Thursday’s statement under examination of Alrosa’s United Selling Organization (USO) and polishing division to decide if the diamond goes up for auction in original rough form or cut and polished.

Both large pink diamonds unearthed by Alrosa have been found at Almazy Anabara, a location responsible for most of the gem giant's colored diamonds. According to the statistics, Alrosa finds a 10+ carat gem only once a year.

Another recent large rough diamond finding is the 115 carat from the Letšeng mine. The rough diamond is from high-quality and examined as D color, Type IIa.

What do you think Alrosa will do? Auction the pink diamond polished and cut or in original state?


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