Heart shape fancy red diamond ring
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Heart shape fancy red diamond ring fetches $5 million at Christie’s diamond jewelry auction

2.09 carat diamond ring

A 5 million heart shape diamond red fancy ringAt the Christie’s diamond jewelry auction in Hong Kong on 25 November, this 2.09 carat diamond ring took the lead and sold for $5 million to an anonymous private individual. The sale set a new world record at $2.44 million per carat, making it the most expensive red diamond ever sold during an auction. It is another clear sign that colored diamonds are fast becoming a popular avenue for alternative investment options as the loose diamond prices continue to increase, spurred on by the record-breaking diamond auctions.

Other highlight in the auction include exceptional diamonds such as the Magnificent Diamond Pendant Necklace with a 50.6 carat marquise cut diamond as centerpiece, D color VVS2. The diamond necklace is decorated by two other marquise cut diamond that suspend the larger 50.6 carat diamond. The 3.4 carat diamond ring, set with an oval shaped diamond with a beautiful fancy vivid blue color, decorated by pink marquise cut diamonds. The pair of diamond earrings set with green diamonds weighing 5.64 carat and 5.18 carat, accented by pear shaped diamonds. The fantastic diamond pendant necklace “Belle Epoque” features a 52.3 carat diamond, cushion cut fancy intense yellow and yellow diamond neck chain.

The sale featured a total of 300 lots of high quality loose diamonds and diamond jewelry both colorless and colored diamonds plus other precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls.

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