GIA launches grading reports for 0.15ct - 0.29ct colorless diamonds
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GIA launches digital diamond grading reports for 0.15ct- 0.29ct colorless diamonds

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GIA Diamond Grading Digital Report Starting from August 9 2015 the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) began to offer lower carat starting from 0.15ct to 0.29ct a digital diamond grading report. This new GIA certification is not available in all countries at the moment those will offer this new service in the future. The countries where the new digital diamond grading report is active is Bangkok, Carlsbad, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York and Tokyo. The new GIA certification has similarities with the GIA certificates that were already available. The GIA certification will cover the carat weight, clarity, color and cut grades. In addition, the GIA certification will cover polish, symmetry grade and diamond fluorescence. To make the diamond grading report complete the report contains the laser inscription of the GIA report its number.

Since this diamond grading report is for smaller diamonds the name of this new GIA certification is GIA Diamond Focus Report. The cost for having a digital GIA Diamond Focus report is 20 USD for diamonds between the 0.15ct -0.22ct. The diamonds in between 0.23ct-0.29ct is 22 USD. Due to the improvements in technology and innovations and developments the GIA is in the position to offer this service for smaller diamonds according to Tom Moses, executive vice president and Chief of laboratory and research officer for GIA. Next to the fact that the service is only for colorless diamonds it is also not available for fancy shape diamonds at the moment, it may he added at a later date.

Do you have a diamond in between 0.15ct to 0.29ct and you would like to have a digital diamond grading report? See the submission guidelines and requirements on the GIA website to follow the procedure in getting a Diamond Focus report.


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