Gemological Institute of America at Tucson trade fairs
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Gemological Institute of America Conducts Seminars and classes at Tucson trade fairs

GIA diamond certification logoDuring the annual Tucson gem fair, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will be conducting seminars and classes. These will be offered at the Tucson Concention Center during the AGTA Gem Fair, held February 4th to 9th, and at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, held from February 13th to 16th.


Two free seminars are will be held regarding recent gemological findings and research. The GIA will also hold two lab classes teaching about colored stone grading and pearl grading. In addition, two paid seminars will be offered revolving around synthetic diamonds and identifying diamond treatments.

During one of GIA’s free seminars ‘Magnificent Jewels of Cheapside Hoard’ will be held on the fifth of February. GIA manager of media communications Robert Weldon, with recognized authority on colored gems, will share his story of his pursuit to photograph and document the treasures of the Museum of London’s Cheapside Hoard. The nearly five hundred gems and jewelry pieces – believed to have been buried in the 17th century and uncovered only 100 years ago - offer a unique insight into Renaissance Jewelry.

The 7th of February, GIA’s researcher Dr. James Shigley will give the latest research developments on diamonds and other timely subjects of interest. As a closing off ceremony, the GIA Alumni Association will hold its annual dinner, auction and dance event, ‘Party at the GIA Gem Mine’, at the Marriot University Park hotel.

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