All eyes on the flawless 100 carat diamond
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All eyes on the flawless 100 carat diamond

Very rare but very gorgeous emerald cut diamond was sold for 22 million US dollar

100 carat flawless diamond priced 22million USD  at auctionCan you imagine a 100 carat diamond that is internally flawless? If not, we can tell you it exists and it was sold for more than 22 million US dollar including buyer’s premium last April 21 in New York. The so called “perfect” 100 carat emerald cut diamond is graded by the GIA as an internally flawless diamond, which means that the diamond comes without any inclusions or blemishes of any sort that can be tracked by a skilled grader using a 10x magnification. Not only is the diamond internally flawless, it is also graded with the best color on the GIA color grading scale, which is D color. The meaning of a D color diamond is that it is colorless and has no trace of shades nor colors. Diamonds that are D color are one of the rarest and most desirable diamonds in the diamond industry but are most of the time found in smaller carats. Therefore this 100 carat diamond is extremely rare since it is the best color and clarity a diamond can get and definitely if it is found in a larger carat size of exactly 100.20 carat.


Austion of a 100 carat flawless diamondOn Tuesday night the emerald cut diamond got comments like “looking into a pool of icy water”. Because an emerald cut diamond has longer lines and step cuts which makes the diamond wider and more open. This way it is easier to see blemishes or inclusions since it is more noticeable in this diamond shape. I hear you thinking questions like, where does this 100 carat come from? Well it was mined in the last 10 years in Southern Africa and weighed over 200 carats when it was found in the mines. After the cut and polishing it became a 100.20 carat emerald cut. A bit smaller than the 118.28 carat world record price for a white diamond that was sold in Hong Kong 2013.


Diamonds are rare, but larger diamonds that are graded with D color and IF clarity even more. It is so rare, that in the 25 years of auction houses there were only six perfect diamonds larger than 100 carat sold. Do you believe in 100 carat diamonds now?

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