The amazing engagement ring from Kylie Minogue in love!
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The amazing engagement ring from Kylie Minogue in love!

Bride to be showed off her stunning emerald diamond ring at 2016 NME Awards while posing with hubby to be

Kylie Minogue diamond engagement ring Recently Hollywood gained another bride to be, 47 year old Kylie Minogue flashed an amazing diamond engagement ring at the NME Awards. First it was not clear if it was an engagement ring but actor Joshua Sasse (28) confirmed with the media that the emerald diamond ring Kylie Minogue was wearing was definitely their engagement ring. Furthermore, the couple announced their engagement in the forthcoming marriages section in the newspapers.

The popular singer posed at the Red Carpet in a lovely cream lace mini dress while resting her hand on her hip that flashed the huge emerald diamond ring. However, the two had been seen together more often while wearing the diamond ring just now with the announcement it is for the whole world to know that it is their engagement ring. The appearance of the ring is classic but at the same time modern due to the thin ring band and halo setting around the emerald diamond.


Kylie Minogue engagement ring closeup

As mentioned before, Hollywood is overwhelming in love by all engagements made already this year. So Kylie is not the first Hollywood celebrity to reach the news with a diamond engagement ring. Take for example, top model Rosie Huntington who got engaged with a great round diamond ring to Jason Statham, Singer Miguel to long time girlfriend Nazanin with a massive sparkle combined with a diamond ring band or DJ Ruckus to his Victoria Secret angel with a gold hexagon-cut engagement ring made by Lorraine Schwartz. Not forgetting famous fashion designer Tory Burch, who announced it with a photo flaunting a pretty sizable rock. But largest of all is the 35 carat engagement ring of Mariah Carey, that outshined even the 33 carat of Elizabeth Taylor!

We wish Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse all the love and happiness while drooling once again on another great engagement ring.

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