Do’s and Don’ts when picking out your engagement ring
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Do’s and Don’ts when picking out your engagement ring

Which diamond ring setting would you choose not even mentioning the 4Cs!

Do and don't for picking your  engagement ringBuying an engagement ring is a very important and happy moment and marks a new milestone in your life. This makes the decision which diamond ring to get all the more difficult. In addition, a diamond engagement ring can cost a pretty penny. But the love of your life will wear it forever so it will definitely be worth it!

First tip which can save you up to 50% to 70% in price is turning to diamond wholesale instead of retailers. By buying from diamond wholesalers, you will buy the loose diamond closer to the natural source meaning cutting out the middle men. Which other Do’s and Don’ts are smart to keep in mind?




  • Buy only the ring that you really love!
    This engagement ring is a diamond ring you will wear for a very long time therefore it is very important that you love it the first time you see it. In the diamond industry there are countless ring designs you can pick. Can’t find that ring you love? Make use of a diamond jeweler and design your own diamond ring which you will love forever. It could even bring you closer as a couple.

  • Accompany your future fiancé while picking out an engagement ring
    By accompanying your future darling in the search for an engagement ring, the pressure of choosing the wrong engagement ring will be lowered.

  • Buy a larger, better and certified diamond
    From reactions of several couples it has been proven that they are much happier with their engagement ring if they go for larger, better and certified diamonds. By going one (small) step higher than you want to, you will not regret or want more later in life. This way you can enjoy your diamond in your engagement ring to the fullest. In addition, certified is real smart because than you are ensured you have bought a diamond with exactly defined diamond characteristics, definitely if the certificate is from GIA.



  • Buying a diamond engagement ring that is out of your budget
    You will stay happy much longer if you have just that larger, better and certified diamond. But if you go out of your budget you will have the opposite feeling. You may feel burdened since your mind is not with the ring but with the fact it was out of budget!

  • Purchasing the engagement ring too fast (applicable when buying together)
    It may make the “on one knee proposal” less surprising, but spending time for the right engagement ring is very important.


There is no straight forward Do’s or Don’ts since every couple or individual will react differently. So, while being in the phase of buying an engagement ring do what you two feel comfortable with. You must know each other well and long enough to know what is a Do or a Don’t! Good luck!

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