Value of 10.07 carat pink diamond increased 400% in 9 years!
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Value of 10.07 carat pink diamond increased 400% in 9 years!

Auction house Christie's presents possible 8 to 12 million dollar colored diamond in New York coming April

 The pink diamond ring that appreciated up to 400 percent in less than a decade is going up for auction in April. Christie’s who will be auctioning off this rare colored diamond bought by a South Florida man for his wife estimates it can fetch up to $12 million USD. Colored diamonds are very rare since for every 10,000 colorless diamonds there is only one colored.

Diamond Value of Pink Diamond Ring

This 10.07 carat pink diamond mounted into a ring and is cut into a cushion modified shape which is a combination of rounded and square outlines, with a softened square pillow shape that gives the cut its name. In addition, the GIA graded the ring as fancy intense purple- pink. Next to the center stone the purple pink gem is flanked by triangular shaped diamond on each side. Rahul Kadakia, the international head of jewelry at Christie’s shares that “To locate an intense pink gem of over 10 carats is a real event in the world of jewelry auctions”.

The owners of the pink diamond ring had no idea of what it was worth at auctions today. Experts calculated and despite the global financial recession, the pink diamond has increased by approximately 400 percent in the last nine years! While it has been in possession of the couple for some time Christie's will auction it off on behalf of the couple. But first the pink diamond ring shall go on a tour to Geneva, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and finally end in New York where it will be sold on April 20 at the Magnificent Jewels Auction.

This is not the first time Christie's auctions off rare pink diamonds. Christie’s even holds the world record for the most expensive pink diamond ever sold at an auction! That pink diamond was a 16.08 carat cushion shaped, graded fancy pink and sold for $28.5 million USD!
At the same Magnificent Jewels Sale Christie’s shall also auction off an

  • Oval shaped “Jubilee Ruby” of 15.99 carat with a circular cut diamond and polished gold surrounded signed Verdura. This ring is the most important ruby of its caliber that has been offered on auction in the U.S. for over 25 years, according to Christie’s website.
  • Round brilliant cut diamond of 40.43 carat, flawless and highest grading color D.

Oval Shaped Diamond Ruby


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