3 key ingredients to personalize the symbol of forever
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3 key ingredients to personalize the symbol of forever – the sparkling diamond

Mom, mama or mommy, no matter what you call her- today is all about her!

   Every year, on this very special day, our minds will be focused on paying tribute to our mothers who sat by our bed when we were sick, woke up 6 times a night, loved us from the moment we were there, celebrated our success, gave the best advice when needed and much more. The way we choose to show how much we care and special she is on Mothers day can be done in many ways. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, any gift either big or small, will make her smile and touch her heart.

Diamonds symbol of forever love

To express our love, gratitude and appreciation diamonds are often picked because they symbolize a love that lasts forever.. But just picking a diamond from just any store is not very personal.… but with these 3 personal ingredients you can create a mother's day present to express your personal message to her forever.

  • Pick a diamond shape that not only suits her taste but also her personality through your eyes
    People are luckily not all the same and have different tastes. Directly picking the shape she likes is possible, but looking for one she might like too and fits her personality would be even better!
    Here are some examples:
    • The princess cut: perfect for a fun-loving character that is spontaneous and intelligent.
    • The Asscher cut: is the square version of the emerald and suits a detailed-oriented and feminine type
    • The Oval cut: classic yet edgy and ideal for an artistic, daring and trendsetting mom
    • The round cut: most popular of all cuts and good for honest, laid-back yet traditional moms

  • Mount the diamond in a unique design you created with a designer
    Placing the diamond you picked in a jewelry piece she can wear anytime is great but mounting it in your jewelry design is awesome! Not the standard jewelry store styles but your own design looking at what kind of ring band, side-stones, metal and prongs to use.

  • Engrave you personal message in the jewelry or the diamond!
    As the top ingredient, insert your personal message in the jewelry or the diamond girdle. A word, a sentence or drawing that is something between mom and you or a message you want her to know. Anything you decide to put on the ring will make it personal. Even if it is those favorite three little words “ I Love You”, because it comes from you.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere!

Additional TIP ingredient to make it even more personal
Make her a personal certificate, explaining why you have chosen this diamond shape and what this diamond from you to her means to you. Followed by your mindset for making this unique diamond jewelry design. Finishing the certificate with that personal message you wanted her to know.

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