Elegant diamond jewelry at White house correspondents’ dinner
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Elegant diamond jewelry at White house correspondents’ dinner

Many Hollywood celebrities were present, wearing colorless diamond jewelry you would love

Jewelry Diamond seen at the WHCAChanel Iman wearing diamond jewelryLast Saturday night, many diamond jewelry was seen at the annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner (WHCA) at Washington Hilton. Maybe you’ve missed this evening, but you’ve probably seen the video of president Obama and his anger translator since it went viral. Well, at this same evening there were many Hollywood celebrities present that wore elegant diamond jewelry. If you missed it, no worries. We will share a small recap of the elegant diamond jewelry that was worn that evening by for example Chanel Iman. She came as a true princess in her beautiful long dress and colorless diamond earrings and bracelet. Next to model Chanel Iman, Hollywood stars such as Darby Stanchfield and Jenna Dewan-Tatum were also showing off the diamonds in earrings or other type of jewelry. Darby Stanchfield wore a double drop earring with sparkling diamonds together with a three row diamond bracelet matching her earrings in 18K white gold. As if these sparklers were not enough, she added a diamond oval swirl ring to the outfit.

hannah earrings diamond jewelryLater that evening, we thought for just a second beautiful Hannah Davis her earrings and ring contained yellow diamonds. However, it was not a colored diamond but a lemon quarts surrounded with smaller diamonds. Also pretty, but if it were a colored diamond it would have been a much more expensive diamond jewelry piece since diamonds that have color are rarer. Because only about 1 out of the 10.000 diamonds found in nature are colored. Meaning prices for colored diamonds are much higher than colorless. Take for example pink diamonds, they cost 5 to 100 times as much as colorless diamonds. For a closer look at Hannah her lemon quartz with diamonds earrings and ring, we’ve added a photo of her earrings.

Diamonds can make a necklace, earring, ring or bracelet into a statement jewelry piece but it can also be at the same time eye-catching and elegant as we’ve seen last Saturday at WHCA. Which type of diamond jewelry piece do you prefer? Elegant or the eye-catching statement jewelry piece?

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