Diamond jewelry is leading luxury item at Golden Globes 2015
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Diamond jewelry is leading luxury item at Golden Globes 2015

Brilliant Diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and diamond rings are the stars on the red carpet

Some luxury diamond jewelry during the golden globes 2015Last Sunday at the Golden Globes Awards, the Hollywood stars pleased many diamond lovers by wearing stunning diamond jewelry. The diamond jewelry that have stolen our hearts were mostly statement necklaces or diamond earrings filled with colorless diamonds. As for colored diamonds, pink diamonds, blue diamonds or yellow diamonds were clearly the biggest trend in diamond jewelry fashion. Yet only several stars such as Emily Blunt and Jennifer Aniston were seen with colored gemstones.

Upcoming pop star Lorde got a lot of attention by wearing a massive platinum diamond bib necklace in the style of Cleopatra with 100 carat weight in total. The diamond jewelry pieces that were worn on the red carpet were crafted by the best diamond jewelers. Diamond jewelers created matching combinations with loose diamonds and jewelry designs to create that unique diamond ring, diamond earring or necklace. Take for example the diamond necklace of Naomi Watts, a snake necklace that slithered around her neck, filled with colorless diamonds. Also Amal Alamuddin Clooney who is the new wife of George Clooney stole the show by wearing diamond fringe earrings. Earrings this year were true eye-catchers and they came in very inspirational forms. Take for example, the diamond scarf earrings of Lorraine Schwartz which glamorized Jennifer Lopez her whole look!

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