Diamond Jewelry recap of the Golden Globes 2016 
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Diamond Jewelry recap of the Golden Globes 2016 

Statement diamond necklaces, large diamond rings, colored diamond earrings and unique diamond bracelets

  At the Golden Globe 2016 all kind of diamond jewelry pieces came together on that famous red carpet. The statement diamond necklace was definitely one of the diamond jewelries that was the hottest of the evening. But the colored gemstone earrings were also a must have item on the red carpet this year and so many more. To refresh our memory of the diamond jewelry at the Golden Globes, we prepared a diamond jewelry recap:  

Natalie Dormer – wearing an elegant yet unique floral diamond earring design. The black diamonds and colorless diamonds have great contrast to each other creating a great appearance. 

Black diamonds and colorless diamonds nexklace earrings
Queen Latifah – wearing the great diamond earring designs of popular Hollywood designer Lorraine Schwartz. The Paraiba & diamond earrings matched the Paraiba ring.  

Lorraine Schwartz, the Paraiba & diamond earrings matched the Paraiba ring.  


Sophia Bush – wearing colorless diamond earrings and necklace 

Colorless diamond earrings and necklace 


Eva Longoria – just like Queen Latifah, Eva is wearing a diamond jewelry design of Lorraine Schwartz. In this diamond ring the designer works with colorless diamonds and a natural red ruby. The second ring is a very thin eternity band, which matches the ruby diamond ring perfectly.   

Diamond jewelry design of Lorraine Schwartz


Jennifer Lawrence – she might be one of the youngest talented actresses but her outfit and diamond jewelry were very mature and dazzling! By walking the red carpet with that red dress worn together with that 156.77-carat diamond necklace in the style of a collar, she totally stole the show.  

56.77-carat diamond necklace


Lily James – wearing pear shape diamond eardrops, which weigh in total 7.12 carat. The pear shape center diamond in the earring is surrounded by smaller diamonds is called a halo setting.  

pear shape diamond eardrops


Emmy Rossum – Jennifer Lawrence her statement necklace stole the show but Emmy Rossum her statement necklace with less diamonds proves to also have a  great appearance. The diamond necklace looks like two diamond ring bands casually encircling her neck and decorating her and to balance the look she wore diamond studs earrings. A must have diamond earring for every woman, no matter which size.  

The diamond necklace looks like two diamond ring bands


Taraji P. Henson – talking about large diamond rings, she wore a massive pear shaped diamond ring that made her whole appearance shine. Together with the diamond eardrops with at the end deep green emeralds. “We Love It”.

Massive pear shaped diamond ring
Jennifer Lopez – one of the ladies that stole the show of the Golden Globes by wearing 200 carats of diamonds. The amount of diamond carats were spread in the unique designed wreath necklace, cascading drop necklace, yellow diamond earrings, diamond bracelet and two diamond rings.  

Wearing 200 carats of diamonds


Rosie Huntington- Whiteley – It might not be the largest ring on the red carpet but certainly the most talked about ring, because it is Rosie her first engagement ring! Congratulations  

First engagement ring


Jenna Dewan Tatum – wearing only on one hand, two fingers $2.2 million worth of diamond rings of Hollywood designer Lorraine Schwartz. The total amount of diamond carat is around 19!  

Lorraine Schwartz, the total amount of diamond carat is around 19! 
Kate Bosworth – by wearing these unique pear shape-dropping earrings Kate Bosworth indeed do not need any necklaces to boost appearance. The diamond earrings that includes many pear shape diamonds appears glamour’s by clustering together and drop down are colorless and a delicacy to look at.  

Jennifer Lawrence 56.77 carat of diamonds necklace

There were many more diamond jewelry pieces that evening and we would like to discuss all of them with you. If you feel the same and would like to see more diamond jewelry from last weekends Golden Globes, take a look HERE. 


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