Statement diamond jewelry at 87th Academy awards 2015
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Statement diamond jewelry at 87th Academy awards 2015


40 carat diamond drop earrings of Rita OraLast Sunday we saw many stunning diamond jewelry at the 87th academy awards next to the amazing dresses and suits. Every year it is one of the most important award shows where diamond jewelry gets more outstanding and expensive. While the dresses worn by the celebrities were already real statements, the diamond jewelry were the true statement pieces of their outfit through both diamond jewelry design and estimated diamond prices. Rita Ora’s diamond jewelry made by Lorraine Schwartz was the most expensive on the red carpet since it was roughly 7.5 million USD. Ms. Ora’s amazing diamond jewelry was Victorian-inspired and weighed 65 carat! Her diamond drop earrings were 40 carat diamonds. In addition, she wore a beautiful 25 carat diamond ring with champagne metal. Not Ms. Ora wore diamond jewelry worth more than 7 million USD, also Nicole Kidman’s diamond jewelry surpassed this number. Nicole wore a caftan diamond bracelet filled with colorless diamonds which was worth more than 7 million USD since the diamonds were from high grading and in total 82 carat diamond weight. When you think 82 carat diamond weight is a lot, check out Christian Grey star Dakota Johnson’s bracelet with a staggering 100 carat diamond weight of colorless diamonds.

On this dazzling evening nothing was too much, every celebrity presented themselves with the newest trends in diamond jewelry. From colored diamonds, diamond clutches, diamond necklaces to statement diamond earrings, it was all on the red carpet. Let’s take for example the 20 carat diamond drop earrings of Jennifer Lopez. Reinforced by 3 lovely rose golden diamond rings. One of the diamond rings was set with a heart shape diamond, a fancy diamond shape which is the most attractive fancy cut for diamonds. However, it is also the most difficult fancy shape since it requires high skills to ensure the proper brilliance while creating even lobes and silhouette. Other fancy diamond shapes are for example, princess cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, oval cut and marquise cut.

Some celebrities such as Jullianne Moore, Marion Cotillard and Chloe Grace Moretz finished their outfit with statement earrings. The two leading woman on the academy awards that were nominated for the best actress category choose for a round statement diamond earring filled with colorless diamonds. These loose diamonds were mounted in a very fabulous and trendy earring design that would definitely draw your attention.

Thus, this year’s diamond jewelry at the academy awards were truly breathtaking and inspiring. We already look forward to next year’s sparkling diamond jewelry’s appearances.


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