Diamond jewelry at August 2015 MTV Music Awards
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Recap: diamond jewelry at August 2015 MTV Music Awards

Colored diamonds at MTV Awards were dominating the red carpet

Rita Ora balck diamonds earrings by Lorraine SchwartzAt the MTV Video Music Awards the celebrities showed us amazing colored diamond jewelry. All kind of colored diamonds such as black diamonds dominated the red carpet in Los Angeles. Colored diamonds are very popular in the market at the moment and very rare to find in nature. Every year or better said every red carpet we are amazed on how the celebrities look like and what kind of diamond jewelry they will be wearing. Often the jewelry worn on red carpets turn out to be trending in the public, take for example the Y-necklaces.

Taylor Swift wearing balck diamonds earrings from famous jewelry designer Lorraine SchwartzOne of the stars which catched a lot of attention was Taylor Swift due to her black diamond earrings designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Looks like black diamonds have make their break through as “Bad Blood” singer was not the only celebrity wearing black diamonds designed by this famous designer also Cara Delevingne, part of the “Bad Blood squad” wore black diamond studs. In addition, Dana Rebecca and judge Rita Ora wore earrings of Lorraine. Rita Ora did not wear black diamond studs but very interesting black diamond ear climbers, which are earrings that literally climb up the ear. Black diamonds look striking and dramatic since they are not transparent.

However, next to these black diamond jewelry there was more diamond jewelry containing colorless diamonds and yellow gold. Such as, Britney spears wearing a downwards pointing yellow gold pyramid droplets with diamonds, Hailee Steinfeld had a fashionable wide golden chocker, Venassa Hudgens combined al kind of jewelry styles together while Lily Aldridge wore a sleek and diamond dusted jewelry piece.


Which of those you like the most?


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