Diamond Industry Updates June 2017
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Diamond Industry Updates of Last Week of June

From Prince Harry his potential engagement ring for Meghan to diamond prices up by 2-5% in 3 weeks

   In the diamond industry it is never quite, there is always something going on, so to sum up the latest diamond industry updates before we start July here is an overview. Starting with the rumors around Prince Harry his potential engagement ring to Megan, new diamond items in the Harry Winston Legacy collection, insights on diamond prices rising up by 2-5%, diamond mining in the sea to diamond studded pocket watch sold.

Prince Harry to give Meghan Markle engagement ring made from Princess Diana’s bracelet

Everyone is curious what kind of engagement ring Prince Harry is going to give Meghan Markle and if he would use, like his brother, an element to commemorate his mom Princess Diana in. Well, rumors have it that Prince Harry recently commissioned royal jeweler Harry Collins to create the emerald sparkler that used to belong to Princess Diana.

Single- Stone Diamond Ring
According to Daily Star, Harry plans to propose with a £100,000 emerald and platinum ring. Reason for the rush all of the sudden is that Harry most likely wants to ensure his grandfather Prince Philip can be at his big day.

New diamond Items in the Harry Winston Legacy Collection

The Legacy collection created by Harry Winston features 22 diamond items that are all graded D color and internally flawless. One of the items is a pair of earrings that is over 101 carat and contains several diamond shapes such as marquise cut diamonds. Read on for more on this unique item.

Single- Stone Diamond Ring
The earrings in the picture above is the Winston Legacy and each earring features 11 round cut diamonds in, 5 pear shape diamonds and a Marquise cut diamond as the center stone.

The diamond studded pocket watch of Al Capone sold

Al Capone's Art Deco diamond-studded platinum pocket watch went up for auction last Saturday and fetched $84,375. At the Gangsters, Outlaws and Lawmen auction more artefacts that belonged to some of America's most notorious gangsters were auctioned.
The rounded triangular pocket watch was, according to the RR auction house used and personally owned by Capone himself.

al capone diamond watch
The watch has its original chain made of 14-karat white gold. In addition, the watch has 23 diamonds on the case shaped in the form of Capone's initials "AC" which are encircled by 26 additional diamonds. More diamonds (72 diamonds) are in the watch's platinum face and gold-tone impressed numerals.


The diamond prices are up by 2-5% in only 3 weeks

While the demand is quite low, the rough and polished diamond prices have shown a rise of 2- 5% in these 3 weeks according to an article in the business-standard. The price rise in this time of the year (lean season) is not usual as consumers normally in this period have other preferences. One of the reasons why the prices did rise is because Indian customers continue buying goods ahead of fears that jewelry would become costlier once the tax is implemented.

Is the future of diamond mining in the sea?

Diamonds are rare to be found and the mining moves and searches to find more diamonds, so the richest marine diamond deposits in the world are setting their minds on the ocean. The Namibian diamond mining takes place around 120 to 140 meters below sea level.

Last year the marine diamond production reached 1.17 million carats while the diamond production on land generated 403,000 carats. Namibia is estimating that in the next 15 years the land will run out of diamonds and that 95% of the diamond production willl come from the sea.

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