Diamond Engagement Ring Trends 2014
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Diamond Engagement Ring Trends 2014

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Diamonds are forever, but jewelry trends come and go with the years. Not so long ago, the trend was to have oversize, fashion-forward jewelry pieces with plenty of precious metal and big diamonds that could barely be contained by the prongs – ice practically spilled over the edges. But the trend for 2014 is quite a different picture. Before you pick an engagement ring, make sure you know what the trends are for this year.

If you want to pick out the perfect engagement ring in the style of 2014, then you will have to go the opposite way of big and bold. The more popular diamond engagement rings today are more simple and ornate. Many people prefer detailed floral patterns along the band, adding an extra romantic touch. The most popular diamond shapes for center stones are Fancy Cuts such as Emerald Cut, Cushion Cut and Princess Cut. To highlight the center diamond, most people want engagement rings with simple settings.

It looks like the trend for now is “the simpler, the better”. If you want an engagement ring that is in the style of 2014 but still uniquely yours, then the best thing to do is to have a custom engagement ring designed for you. It could either be based on some elements you know you like, or even detailed sketches if you want. But the first step is picking out the diamond shape and carat weight.

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