The Cullinan Dream- largest fancy intense blue diamond is up for sale
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The exquisite Cullinan Dream - largest fancy intense blue diamond ever offered is up for sale

Shall this leading lot at Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction surpass the diamond price of The Oppenheimer Blue?

    While the whole diamond industry is still landing on its feet after the sale of The Oppenheimer Blue the most exquisite blue diamond is going up for sale by Christie’s. The legendary Cullinan Dream is the largest fancy intense Blue diamond ever to be auctioned, creating the question; shall it surpass the diamond price of the Oppenheimer Blue?

The cullinan-dream largest fancy intense blue diamond

This leading lot for upcoming Magnificent Jewels auction of Christie’s in New York is called the Cullinan Dream and is 24.18-carats. The diamond is extracted from the legendary Cullinan mine also known as the Star of Africa in South Africa in 2014. The mine remains a newsworthy source for colored diamonds, especially pink diamonds and blue diamonds. Cullinan Dream is graded with the best diamond grading fancy intense blue while the carats also make it the largest of its kind. When the diamond was found rough the carat weight was 122.52. From the rough blue diamond four blue diamonds were cut from which the Cullinan Dream was the largest.

The combination of the carat weight, color and Type IIb properties make the Cullinan Dream a truly exceptional and most of all rare diamond. Because most of the fancy intense blue diamonds in the diamond industry weigh only a single carat or less as the grade fancy intense is almost not to be found in nature. Therefore the weight of 24.18-carat is remarkable for a blue diamond with these grading’s that are pure, full saturation and throughout every facet.

What does Type IIb mean?

The Cullinan Dream has the classification as Type IIb which makes the diamond rarer than other blue diamonds. Because Type IIb means that the diamond has a lack of symmetrical crystal form and belongs to the group that is less than one-half of one per cent of all diamonds found in nature.

Next to its exceptional diamond color, carat the cut makes it special too

Due to the diamond its asymmetrical structure and the potential value to be realized from each polished carat yielded, the Cullinan Dream before it got made was studied for months. That is why only an exceptional skilled and experienced master diamond cutter could ensure that the finished diamond would get this great beautiful proportioned, high color saturation and natural brilliance!


The cullinan-dream largest fancy intense blue diamond ring

The Cullinan Dream is set in a ring with classic baguette-cut diamonds on the side that empowers the incredible rare and historic diamond. Rahul Kadakia, Christies international Head of Jewelry who also lead the sale of the Oppenheimer Blue comments: “Selling the world record Oppenheimer Blue diamond or $57.5 million during our Geneva May 18 Magnificent Jewels sale was a great honor and we look forward to continuing this success with the Cullinan Dream, the largest Fancy Intense blue diamond to come to auction. The Success of the Oppenheimer speaks to the international demand and market value of theses exemplary colored diamonds and with the Cullinan Dream, Christie’s is proud to present another opportunity for collectors to acquire a rare gem being offered for the first time at auction!”

Christie’s in New York shall auction the Cullinan Dream at June 9 2016.

More information about the Cullinan Dream, Click Here


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