The cousin of the famous Hope Diamond is up for sale!
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The cousin of the famous Hope Diamond, which is surrounded by loose diamonds, is up for sale!

After 98 years this rare 50.13-spinel and diamond jewelry piece is up for auction

Spinel pink diamond Very soon the so-called cousin of the famous Hope Diamond will be up for sale, shining with 22 colorless loose diamonds around the center spinel. This unique diamond jewelry piece has been in the Hope’s vast collection, which contained extraordinary diamonds, pearls and gemstones for a very long time, and now after 98 years it is up for auction. This Hope collection is one of the most private collections of jewels that are ever assembled in Europe or even the world. The famous Hope diamond (45.52 carat fancy deep blue), which is cousin of this Hope Spinel, belongs to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

50 carat Pink Diamond SpinelNow this Spinel, which is red and pink of color, octagonal step-cut and surrounded by colorless rose cut diamonds is estimated for a price of 240,000 to 310,000 USD. This price is not only because of the rare gemstones that are in the diamond jewelry piece but also due to the fact that these quality pieces are rarely on the open market. The Spinel is mounted in a silver and golden brooch/pendant which can be detachable for fitting in a larger gemstone. In total the loose diamonds which surround the spinel are 6.50 carats.

Spinels are very similar to diamonds and garnets according to the GIA (Gemlogical Institute of America). However, this gemstone is much more common found in nature than diamonds. Since the color is very intense and not common for diamonds these spinels can even be mistaken for rubies. Click here to read all the information regarding this exceptional 19th century spinel and diamond jewel.



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