Colored diamond prices continu to increase
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Colored diamonds: the most concentrated form of wealth in the world

Diamond prices continue to increase for colored loose diamonds & diamond jewelry

Pink colored diamond prices continue to increaseColored diamonds have been fetching high prices during diamond auctions for a very long time. However in recent years, diamond prices for colored diamonds have skyrocketed as the demand increases. To illustrate the tremendous increase, VC&A bought a 300 year old pink diamond for $70,000 in 1960 (roughly $555,000 today). That same 34.64 carat pink diamond sold again in 2013 for a staggering $39 million.

Accurately determining diamond prices for colored diamonds can only be done by the finest diamond experts. Especially the rarest most valuable colors of pink, blue and green diamonds is very difficult. It’s not just about the diamond color, quality and rarity. A specific color shade for a yellow diamond could be rarer than a small blue diamond. It is the task of the diamond expert to provide clarity for people who want to buy an inventory of colored diamonds but are not sure how to make a smart investment.

Buying colored loose diamonds and colored diamond jewelry, such as engagement rings or earrings, requires a nuanced and detail-minded approach. The range of hues that can be found in pink diamonds is huge and only seasoned diamond experts will be able to tell the difference. And that difference makes an incredible difference for diamond prices. Pink diamonds have out-performed other fancy colored diamonds, with a 360% increase from 2005 to 2014, compared to the 161% for blue diamonds and only 56% increase for yellow diamonds over the same period. As the interest in fancy colored diamonds increases, now is the time to talk to your personal diamond expert and set up your own collection of fancy colored diamonds.

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