China sees increase in loose diamonds purchased online
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China sees increase in loose diamonds purchased online

Diamond engagement rings are often bought online

Online loose diamonds are more and more purchased by chinese consumersA new report has shown that China’s e-commerce market is expected to be larger than Japan, U.S. France, Germany and Brittan by 2020. This is especially good news for diamond shops selling loose diamonds and diamond jewelry online. This increase in online purchases is mostly due to the rapid growth in mobile phones, which many Chinese consumers use for online shopping for a variety of purposes including diamond jewelry.

The online shopping behavior is a lifestyle for many Chinese. Buying luxury items online such as loose diamonds and diamond jewelry gives customers many choices and benefits. Especially the sales for diamond engagement rings and wedding rings is growing drastically in China, which is the second- largest diamond market in the world. The most beneficial aspect of sourcing diamonds online, is that it allows people to improve their diamond education and get in contact with diamond dealers that can provide them with GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices.

With the mobile phones, tablets and computers the customers can read up on diamond information on topics such as diamond prices, diamond quality, the 4Cs or diamond certificates while being at home or at work. Customers can search for seasoned wholesale diamond experts to find the diamond ring they couldn’t find in the store. Finding the perfect loose diamond for your diamond jewelry can be difficult because a diamond is a rare and a popular luxury item that is available in different diamonds shapes such as, pear shape, round shape or radiant shape.

Traditional jewelry stores might have a limited choice, yet online wholesale diamond sources such as Diamond Registry allow you to source loose diamonds from the worldwide inventory of GIA certified diamonds. In order to find that particular diamond you are looking for, buying diamonds online will prove to be your ideal avenue. On the internet the online shopper can find every diamond they fancy. And the Chinese consumers know it.

Thus, the Chinese e-commerce is rising. For companies, either diamond shops or otherwise, the level of trust is a major ingredient when it comes to successfully serving consumers online. One of the most experienced online diamond companies in the diamond industry is The Diamond Registry. The Diamond Registry was established since 1961, and has been serving customers worldwide online since 1997. It is the largest online diamond information platform that serves customers with insider information regarding diamond buying tips and wholesale diamond prices. Besides this fact the online customers can fill in a free quote, indicating the diamond wishes such as shape, carat, color and clarity. It is like shopping for the exact diamond you are looking for.

After filling in the free quote the diamond experts will search the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds for your chosen diamond. The dedicated personal service provided by the wholesale diamond experts is what truly makes buying diamonds online an easy and safe process – whether you’re buying a 3 carat diamond or a 10 carat diamond. Furthermore, the in-house jewelers of Diamond Registry can design you a beautiful and unique diamond engagement ring. Shopping diamonds has never been this easy, pleasant and beneficial.

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