Celebrities love Emerald Cut Diamond Rings, why?
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Celebrities love Emerald Cut Diamond Rings, why?

What is the trigger for celebs to choose emerald cut from all the fancy cut diamond rings

Emerald cut diamond ringsMany celebrities are sealing their love with an emerald cut diamond rings, so why this fancy cut diamond? A fancy cut diamond is every cut that is not round brilliant cut. Maybe it is only us but almost every day we are amazed by the beautiful sparkling engagement rings that are given to the loved ones. Now it looks like the celebrities are loving the engagement cut diamond rings more than any other diamond cut. Definitely this is not the case for all the celebrities but it does seem like the oval cut diamond, princess cut diamond and cushion cut diamond is being pushed away by the emerald cut.

Emerald cut diamond worn by celebritiesThe emerald cut diamond is cut in step cuts which makes the diamond appear long. The loose emerald cut diamond gets longer lines than other diamond cuts which makes it less fiery than a round cut diamond. However, this diamond cut makes the diamond appear much wider and dramatic by flashing clear light. Make sure to go for high clarity grade and diamond color because the longer lines also reveal everything inside the diamond. Therefore a higher clarity is recommended for an emerald cut diamond.

Stylish celebrities with stunning emerald cut diamond rings are Angelina, Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more celebrities with emerald cut diamond rings. This list is already a long one not even mentioning the emerald cut diamond rings that are not yet known by the public.


Which diamond cut is most popular around you? Also emerald cut diamond or perhaps princess cut diamond?


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