Cannes 2015: the red carpet diamond jewelry review
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Cannes 2015: the red carpet diamond jewelry review

Every year glittering diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings or diamond bracelets are worn at Cannes Film Festival

Naomi Watts necklace diamond jewelryTanya Dziahileva diamond necklace jewelryThe moment we have all waited for, this year’s diamond jewelry at the Cannes Film Festival! Besides the gorgeous gowns and suits, the glittering diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings or diamond bracelets were catching a lot of attention. The annual event began on May 13th and runs until the 24th of May. From the days that have already passed by at the Cannes Film Festival we will be reviewing the most eye-caching diamond jewelry until now. It was not an easy task since this year’s diamond jewelry was overflowing at the red carpet. Thus, which diamond jewels shined and caught our eyes the best?

Doutzen diamond bracelet jewelryDefinitely the diamond jewels of Naomi Watts, Fan Bing Bing, Doutzen Kroes, Natasha Ply, Jullianne Moore and Tanya Dziahileva have to be named. Even though we name these, there are still so many jewelry pieces that are worth seeking a picture of. However, Naomi Watts showed us on the red carpet different kind of diamond jewelry which were truly elegant and modern. Take for example her long drop down necklace of 18K white gold which is filled with colorless diamonds. Next to Naomi Watts her diamond jewelry we were also amazed by the sparkling snake necklace Natasha Ply was wearing. The snake slithered around her neck while it was filled with smaller carat diamonds and larger carat diamonds, very impressive. So some of the jewelry were eye-catching due to their form, color or size. Regarding to size of the diamond jewelry, the diamond collar of Tanya Dziahileva who opened the ceremony and premiere made a strong statement. The model wore the diamond collar together with a sweet pink princess grown which became less sweet due to that amazing killer diamond collar.

Fan Bing Bing diamond earring jewelryNot all jewelry catches attention due to their size. Doutzen Kroes her bracelet for example was not tremulously large but got many viewers eye due to its elegance and feminine appearance. It is a diamond bracelet which appears like two leaves embracing her arm. The leaves are all marquise cut diamonds, descending from larger marquise cuts to smaller. A good other example are the earrings of Hong Kong celebrity Fan Bing Bing. The earrings were not extremely large but were decorated with green colored gems. Therefore the earrings were a mixture of colorless diamonds and green emeralds making Fan Bing Bing’s outfit more special.

Which diamond jewelry piece of the Cannes Film Festival 2015 do you like the most?


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