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Beautiful blue pear shaped diamond sets new world record

9.5 carat sold $32.6 million

Beautiful 9,5 carat blue pear shaped diamondThe magnificent 9.5 carat blue diamond was sold at a record price of $32.6 million, which is the most ever paid for a blue diamond. The director of Sotheby’s had noted that this 9.5 carat blue diamond would easily be the most important loose diamond he would ever have the privilege of presenting at the auction house. The pear shaped diamond had a pre-sale estimate of $15 million, and went to an anonymous diamond bidder from Hong Kong after the diamond bid involving 7 people lasted for a total of 20 minutes.

The record before was held by the Wittelsbach blue diamond, sold at a Christie’s auction to another anonymous bidder for $24.3 million in 2008. Other loose diamonds and diamond jewelry from the same collection were auctioned off at the Thursday night Sotheby’s New York Auction, reaching a total of slightly more than $41 million, way beyond the $19.2 million that the auction house had anticipated. Amongst the highlights are the 9.14 carat diamond pendant sold for $2.9 million and a gold diamond necklace that fetched $2.7

Another of the night’s outstanding pieces of jewelry was a 9.14-carat diamond pendant knocked down for $2.9 million (2.3 million euros) and a Cartier necklace of gold and diamonds auctioned off for $2.7 million (2.1 million euros).

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