This blue diamond is going to break record on the auction, today!
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This blue diamond is going to break record on the auction, today!

Amazing estimated price of $55 million USD for extremely rare colored diamond at Sotheby’s November 11

Blue Moon is a flawless blue diamond, the diamond price could reach 55 millionWe have talked about this extremely rare blue diamond called “The Blue Moon” for weeks! Finally today this rare colored diamond is up for auction and will fetch a record price that can go up to $55 million USD. This blue diamond mounted on a ring is the star lot of the auction of Sotheby in Geneva.

This so called “Blue Moon” is graded by the GIA as flawless, meaning no trace of any inclusions or blemishes. Truly a rare colored diamond that is a creation of Mother Nature. In addition, the Blue Moon is not only flawless but also 12.03 carat, much larger that the regular colored diamonds and is graded with the highest grade for colored diamonds, (fancy) vivid blue. The market for vivid blue diamonds of this level is so rare that it is a once in a lifetime finding.

To give a better perception on how extremely rare this color blue is of the Blue moon, only 4 of the 400 GIA certified blue diamonds received the grade (fancy) vivid blue. So even among these rare blue diamonds the chance of getting a blue diamond that is flawless, (fancy) vivid blue and 12 carats + is just like the blue moon a once in a lifetime happening.


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